Thread, Needles and Pins

30 Days of Creativity June 3, 2012

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Someone recently introduced me to 30 Days of Creativity.

I have decided to try to complete this challenge, and am on track so far *phew*! Although we’re only 3 days in – doing something every day is difficult for me, so being on track, even for this short length of time, is unusual. I’m going to do my best to keep it up, but I might end up missing a day or 2, and trying to catch up at a later date.

On the 1st I made a coif from the pattern on Lorajean’s Magazine blog. The pattern was really easy to follow, worked up really well, and looks really realistic! I thoroughly recommend this pattern if you have a little knight!

My little knight modeling the coif.

Yesterday I did more crochet – again from a free online pattern, this time from (this pattern). Love the fact that the same pattern gives various options so that you can make different animals from the same basic shape.

And for today?
Well, there’s a kite making and flying workshop going on locally today, so going to take my little knight down to that in a little while, and depending on what happens, I might go back with little knights little brother. Combining crafting with family with fun – best thing ever!


Welcome June 2, 2012

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Why ‘Thread, Needles and Pins’? Simple really – thats what I use most in my crafting.

Thread can be anything from fine sewing thread for hand and machine sewing, through to super chunky knitting wool, and taking in lots of different threads in between.
I use the thread with various different tools – sewing needles – both hand and machine, knitting needles (or pins if you prefer) and crochet hooks.

I will be back soon with posts of things I have done recently!