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knitting personality test and other crafty things June 8, 2012

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On a little surfing journey today came across this, and thought it was fun, s0 sharing with all you lovely people out there!

Try out this knitting personality test and see what you come up with. It looks like I’m a Contented Knitter, although I’m not so sure that theres not a little of the ‘Artistic’ knitter in me as well, although probably fairly well hidden.

As for the 30 Days of Creativity – I take part in swaps on two different web sites – Craftster and Milliande, and have been busy doing things for those. I managed to do 2 art journal pages for a Milliande swap (replacements as the first ones seem to have been lost in the post) and finished some crochet for a Craftster swap (will post pictures when they have been received.) I also started a Spotty-tailed platypus, although I struggled with my counting (up 3!!) so didn’t get very far.

I have also been doing things with the boys – started a Knights helmet to go with the coif I crocheted (wet newspaper takes for *ever* to dry!)and did some drawing with both of them.



Kite making and flying fun! June 4, 2012

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trying to get the kite flying

Mister 3 with his kite – it did fly with a bit of help from running!

 Mister 3 and I left daddy and Mister 1 at home and went to investigate the kite making that was going on at a local open space.

They had a selection of ready made kite kits from Kite Kids, which were very easy to put together, with everything included in the kit (including the sticky bits!).

The people organising the kite making also supplied permanent pens, glitter glue pens, glue, glitter and paint. Unfortunately the gluey stuff and paints didn’t work so well because they took to long to dry, and if I was going to do this then I would use the permanent pens and stickers to decorate the kites.

Whatever the drying issues – the kids all had a great time decorating and making the kites, and an even better time trying to fly them. Just a shame that the wind wasn’t strong enough to get them up properly, but a lot of energy was used up running up and down trying to get the kites in the air.

This was a great way to combine the 30 Days of Crafting with some fun time for Mister 3 ­čÖé