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February Page January 13, 2013

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It’s been a few days, but I’ve been a busy bee.

I have 2 ongoing swaps on Craftster and another one through PamelaJoy ~ but I can’t post those until my partners have received.

I can, however post pages from the Art Journal Calendar Challenge – so here’s the the page I’ve done for February.


The space in the middle with the pirates is for Mister 3’s 4th birthday (can’t believe my baby is turning four already, doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since he was tiny), which is also why I didn’t want to go too pink/red.


The red heart at the bottom right is there for our un-anniversary at the end of the month. DH decided that 29th February would be a great day to get married, to which my reply was, ‘Ok, but you better get me something every year!’

I would have liked a bit more colour variation in the green journalling spots, but first time I’ve tried this technique on paper so still on the learning curve. It is a technique that I have used on silk, so decided to have a go with it on paper – cartridge paper, wet watercolour paint and salt.


I drew the shapes I wanted to journal on on the back of the paper before I started:

2013-01-09 14.22.45

then just cut them all out when the paint was dry, and rubbed off the remaining salt. I knew I wanted a bigger space for Mister 3’s birthday, so I spread out the journalling spots on the page which I had already prepared: 2013-01-06 19.45.42

glued the top corner ones in place, then stuck the bottom ones in place allowing the higher ones to have more room and the space I wanted for the birthday journalling.

I have also been working on my pages for the ‘Embrace the Day’ class, so I shall be back with some of those soon.


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