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Work in progress January 8, 2013

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I’ve been trying to catch up on several projects the past couple of days, including a jumper for DS1 (not getting on as well I’d hoped with that), the February page for the Calendar challenge (again not doing to well – not helped by a box of 12″ x12″ papers missing) and catching up with my pages for the ‘Embrace the Day’ on-line course ( or for more details – it’s worth it, and Laura does some other awesome workshops and classes as well).

Having started to tidy my art/craft stuff yesterday in an attempt to find the missing paper, tonight I decided to do some crafting, but it had to be something I didn’t need many resources for as I can’t now access much of my stash until I finish sorting everything out (and no, I didn’t find the paper), so I decided to work on the Embrace the Day pages.

This is one I started a 2013-01-07 23.01.22few days ago – based on the Klimt ‘Tree of Life’. Tonight I added the colour, just plain old water colour, but relaxing, and fun to do while watching TV. Want to add some doodling and journalling to it, it’s going to be my ‘Patience’ page so the journalling will be something like ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

I must also stop joining swaps – Journalling Prompts and Odd Holidays on Craftster and now an Angel swap on PamelaJoyPurses hope you are looking forward to seeing lots more art in the future.


2 Responses to “Work in progress”

  1. Laura Says:

    Excellent blog post my lady! Thanks for mentioning me and the class…I would love for more to join us if they want!! Enjoy, and I LOVE your tree! Fantastic job!!!

  2. jean moore Says:

    very interesting, cool stuff

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