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February Page January 13, 2013

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It’s been a few days, but I’ve been a busy bee.

I have 2 ongoing swaps on Craftster and another one through PamelaJoy ~ but I can’t post those until my partners have received.

I can, however post pages from the Art Journal Calendar Challenge – so here’s the the page I’ve done for February.


The space in the middle with the pirates is for Mister 3’s 4th birthday (can’t believe my baby is turning four already, doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since he was tiny), which is also why I didn’t want to go too pink/red.


The red heart at the bottom right is there for our un-anniversary at the end of the month. DH decided that 29th February would be a great day to get married, to which my reply was, ‘Ok, but you better get me something every year!’

I would have liked a bit more colour variation in the green journalling spots, but first time I’ve tried this technique on paper so still on the learning curve. It is a technique that I have used on silk, so decided to have a go with it on paper – cartridge paper, wet watercolour paint and salt.


I drew the shapes I wanted to journal on on the back of the paper before I started:

2013-01-09 14.22.45

then just cut them all out when the paint was dry, and rubbed off the remaining salt. I knew I wanted a bigger space for Mister 3’s birthday, so I spread out the journalling spots on the page which I had already prepared: 2013-01-06 19.45.42

glued the top corner ones in place, then stuck the bottom ones in place allowing the higher ones to have more room and the space I wanted for the birthday journalling.

I have also been working on my pages for the ‘Embrace the Day’ class, so I shall be back with some of those soon.


Work in progress January 8, 2013

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I’ve been trying to catch up on several projects the past couple of days, including a jumper for DS1 (not getting on as well I’d hoped with that), the February page for the Calendar challenge (again not doing to well – not helped by a box of 12″ x12″ papers missing) and catching up with my pages for the ‘Embrace the Day’ on-line course ( or for more details – it’s worth it, and Laura does some other awesome workshops and classes as well).

Having started to tidy my art/craft stuff yesterday in an attempt to find the missing paper, tonight I decided to do some crafting, but it had to be something I didn’t need many resources for as I can’t now access much of my stash until I finish sorting everything out (and no, I didn’t find the paper), so I decided to work on the Embrace the Day pages.

This is one I started a 2013-01-07 23.01.22few days ago – based on the Klimt ‘Tree of Life’. Tonight I added the colour, just plain old water colour, but relaxing, and fun to do while watching TV. Want to add some doodling and journalling to it, it’s going to be my ‘Patience’ page so the journalling will be something like ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

I must also stop joining swaps – Journalling Prompts and Odd Holidays on Craftster and now an Angel swap on PamelaJoyPurses hope you are looking forward to seeing lots more art in the future.


New Year – New Crafts January 5, 2013

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Well, less than 3 months since I last posted – not bad for me, but I hope to be better in the future.

I have decided to follow the Art Journal Calendar Challenge ( so will be posting my pages here. I have also joined the 50 Projects in 2013 over on Craftster, so also aim to be posting projects for that here (hopefully many and varied projects – I managed over 60 in 2012), and the first swap of the year is under way with the Journal Prompt Swap on Craftster, with send outs soon – so that one should be up by the end of the month, depending on postal services and the first of the Calendar pages is done:


I took the picture a couple of days ago and since then decided that it was a bit bare, so have added the days to the left of each journalling square. Still think it needs more, but not sure what, so will leave it for the time being.

Going to go work on those journalling prompt cards now. I’ll be back soon.


more crafty things October 20, 2012

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It has certainly been a while since I posted – for that I apologize!

I have been very busy in the intervening time – July was a week away with the family, with lots of little bits of crafting going on ready for a swap – crochet mats, I-cords, doilies and washcloths. Since then I have been doing so much – started doing art journalling for myself, paper crafting, lots and lots of knitting, some crocheting and a little bit of hand sewing. Most of this crafting, especially the yarn work, was for swaps, and I have received some wonderful items in return.

Currently in 3 swaps over on Crafster, so got lots and lots of crafting to do – mainly knitting, but a little bit of sewing as well – will post about those later 🙂

I also received a wonderful present from LeslieHappyHeart (someone from Craftster) for my two boys – I haven’t got access to a camera at the moment, so as soon as I can get some pictures I will show you the awesomeness that found it’s way here from Williamsburg VA.

Thats about it for now, so happy crafting, and I’ll try to keep this up a bit more from now on 🙂


knitting personality test and other crafty things June 8, 2012

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On a little surfing journey today came across this, and thought it was fun, s0 sharing with all you lovely people out there!

Try out this knitting personality test and see what you come up with. It looks like I’m a Contented Knitter, although I’m not so sure that theres not a little of the ‘Artistic’ knitter in me as well, although probably fairly well hidden.

As for the 30 Days of Creativity – I take part in swaps on two different web sites – Craftster and Milliande, and have been busy doing things for those. I managed to do 2 art journal pages for a Milliande swap (replacements as the first ones seem to have been lost in the post) and finished some crochet for a Craftster swap (will post pictures when they have been received.) I also started a Spotty-tailed platypus, although I struggled with my counting (up 3!!) so didn’t get very far.

I have also been doing things with the boys – started a Knights helmet to go with the coif I crocheted (wet newspaper takes for *ever* to dry!)and did some drawing with both of them.



Kite making and flying fun! June 4, 2012

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trying to get the kite flying

Mister 3 with his kite – it did fly with a bit of help from running!

 Mister 3 and I left daddy and Mister 1 at home and went to investigate the kite making that was going on at a local open space.

They had a selection of ready made kite kits from Kite Kids, which were very easy to put together, with everything included in the kit (including the sticky bits!).

The people organising the kite making also supplied permanent pens, glitter glue pens, glue, glitter and paint. Unfortunately the gluey stuff and paints didn’t work so well because they took to long to dry, and if I was going to do this then I would use the permanent pens and stickers to decorate the kites.

Whatever the drying issues – the kids all had a great time decorating and making the kites, and an even better time trying to fly them. Just a shame that the wind wasn’t strong enough to get them up properly, but a lot of energy was used up running up and down trying to get the kites in the air.

This was a great way to combine the 30 Days of Crafting with some fun time for Mister 3 🙂


30 Days of Creativity June 3, 2012

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Someone recently introduced me to 30 Days of Creativity.

I have decided to try to complete this challenge, and am on track so far *phew*! Although we’re only 3 days in – doing something every day is difficult for me, so being on track, even for this short length of time, is unusual. I’m going to do my best to keep it up, but I might end up missing a day or 2, and trying to catch up at a later date.

On the 1st I made a coif from the pattern on Lorajean’s Magazine blog. The pattern was really easy to follow, worked up really well, and looks really realistic! I thoroughly recommend this pattern if you have a little knight!

My little knight modeling the coif.

Yesterday I did more crochet – again from a free online pattern, this time from (this pattern). Love the fact that the same pattern gives various options so that you can make different animals from the same basic shape.

And for today?
Well, there’s a kite making and flying workshop going on locally today, so going to take my little knight down to that in a little while, and depending on what happens, I might go back with little knights little brother. Combining crafting with family with fun – best thing ever!